Competitive International Management Team
Full-scale of consulting services provided by our competitive international management team.
Universal Franchise System
Adopt universal franchise guidelines by strategic alliances with worldwide leading franchise consulting partners for global expansion.
Global Integrated Marketing Expertise
Comprehensive multi-media marketing campaign efficiently maximize market share
SOP High-Tech Operational Procedure
All electrically controlled devices are certified by USA UL and CE for Quality Standard Assurance
Well-Designed Training Program & Support
Comprehensive training program covering Basic Instructions/In-store Operations/ Management Skills/Operational Manuals. On-line training is available.
Dedicated R&D Team & Exclusive Food Inspection Lab
Cutting-edge product innovation, raw materials verification, and food testing for safety assurance
Reliable Global Certification
Professional Machine and Worldwide Food Certification over 25 countries including Islamic Halal Certification for easy customs clearance.
Cloud Computing Service Management
With Cloud computing service management, provide real-time information for worldwide stores including inventory, supplies, logistic and etc. to improve efficiency for better operations management.